The Stage Podcast: Seven Stages

The Stage Podcast, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016, part 6

July 13, 2018

In our sixth Edinburgh episode, we catch up with Sarah-Louise Young, who is juggling three shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. How does she do it? "My day is boringly military." The cabaret performer – who is appearing in Cabaret Whore Presents... La Poule Plombee, Roulston and Young: Songs for Lovers (and Other Idiots) and Royal Vauxhall, as well as guest spots throughout the month – also discusses tips to preserve your voice and talks about the difference between Edinburgh and London audiences.

Meanwhile, on the critics' sofa, Tim Bano has caught up with Henry Naylor's Angel, while Paul Vale has been to see Buzz, a new musical about vibrators...